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If you have ever tried to sleep in a 24 bed
shared hostel room before, you will know how frustrating it is to get woken up every time a door opens and another drunk stumbles in and clumsily rummages through his bags, switches the light on, or vomits loudly in their bunk. Whether you have to get up early to catch a train, plane or bus, or if you are just exhausted and could use a good night’s sleep. The obvious solution is to get a private room or at least one that has less people in it but that is not always an option since those can be already filled. So here are some tips to get through the night.

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Choose wisely

When you check in an if you actually get to pick your own bed then look for one that is as far away from the door or bathroom door as possible. Slamming doors or late night calls of nature for your room mates can keep you up all night. If you notice that the room is a party room the moment you walk in but you know you are going to need some rest throughout the night then just ask reception to put you in a quieter room.

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Equip Yourself

All noise and light cancelling equipment that can be worn comfortable will help. Don’t forget to have your alarm by your head though since you don’t want to over sleep and miss your flight, plus you also don’t want your alarm waking up the rest of the room while you snooze away. Keep your eye mask and your earplugs together and in a easy to reach place so they can be found in the dark in case you come into the room and the light has already been switched off. An extra bedding sheet can be used as a curtain to block out the light and provide some private space in an otherwise unprivate room.

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Speak Up!

OK, it might make you a buzz kill but if it is late and most of the room is trying to sleep and someone is rummaging through their bag, leaving the light on, or giggling with a friend then ask them nicely to finish up or take care of their business outside of the room. It can be a delicate situation but if there are others trying to sleep then they are all thinking the same thing. Sometimes people just don’t realize how much noise they are making and respond positively.

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Tune Out

Listening to and audio book can cancel out the noise of people snoring or talking and at a low level can act as white noise to help you relax. I know a guy who actually has found recordings of fans, vacuum cleaners, and blow dryers to listen too.

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Be Prepared

If you know that have an early flight or tour booked then make sure to have your things in order. The less you have to do in the morning is the more time you can sleep. Always have your bags packed, have showered, and have the next days clothes set out the night before. Everyone will eventually go to sleep and you will want to capitalize on every minute you can.