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Trip ideas

Hostel Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

              instagram / meesha_808Don't have sex or masturbate on a bunk bed or in a shared room. We all...

Best Countries To See By Bus

instagram / ry_backAustraliainstagram / ladee_kimVietnaminstagram / toofstupsNew Zealandinstagram / piaangelica69Argentinainstagram / dada144USAinstagram / riley915Germanyinstagram / encikmanjeRussiainstagram / lurovigattiBrazilinstagram / galhayuniIndiainstagram / fulviogusmanoNepalinstagram / gancarlitaBoliviainstagram / mikecarr17China

Hostel Cats part 1

instagram / jibbyheaps This is Oliver at Shelter City, Amsterdam, Holland instagram / coffsharbouryha instagram / coffsharbouryha Coffs Harbour YHA, Coffs Harbour, Australia instagram / digbybackpackersinn Digby Backpackers Inn, Nova...
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Travel guides

7 reasons why travelers are the best lovers

Travelers put themselves out there. instagram / chtuverudOne night stands are implied but plans can always change.instagram / roflstuffComplete relationships can be had without...

Top 11 Sexiest Countries for Backpacking

¬†Sweden Brazil   USA Australia   Vietnam Colombia Spain Thailand Italy   Latvia   Russia

Best meat pie in Wellington

    I love a good meat pie. In my travels I have tried pastries of all sorts from pain au chocolat in finest patisseries of...
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