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Trip ideas

Top 20 Best Cities for New Year’s Celebrations

New York City, New York, USA Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Sydney, Australia   Edinburgh, Scotland   London, England   Hong Kong   Berlin, Germany   Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Nassau, Bahamas   New Orleans, Louisiana, USA JOST VAN DYKE WALT DISNEY...

Top 10 Countries You Can Visit for Less Than $50 A...

It is still possible to get by on a shoestring budget in some places in the world. The cheapest places in the world to...

Top 8 Best Backpacker Routes in the World

instagram / czech_usEast Coast, Australiainstagram / dvillaferNorth and South Island, New Zealandinstagram / oliviareginaCapetown to Durban, South Africainstagram / luannbaileyphotographySan Francisco to Miami, USAinstagram / nickmccarthy3Mumbai to Varanasi, Indiainstagram...
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Travel guides

8 things you will have stolen from you while backpacking

Clothing   Towel One Flip Flop Groceries from the community fridge Sunglasses Sleep from snorers Shampoo/Laundry Detergent/Soap Drinks  

Top 9 Best hostels and hotels in Vietnam

Mui Ne Backpacker Village, Mui Ne instagram / zuzushenka Graceful Hotel, Sapa instagram /_vs92 Hanoi Backpackers' Hostel, Hanoi instagram / amatteny Junk Boat, Halong Bay instagram / siamhut Huenino Hotel, Hue instagram /...

Top 10 Best Marijuana Destinations

instagram / krysthelilguy Manali, Indiainstagram / ifreddykJamaicainstagram / sevanna.jColorado and Washington, USAinstagram / marijuantedUruguayinstagram / marvellousmaggieNimbin, Australiainstagram / andio72Amsterdam, Netherlandsinstagram / axoule_bTranskei, South Africainstagram /...
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