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Trip ideas

Best Countries To See By Bus

instagram / ry_backAustraliainstagram / ladee_kimVietnaminstagram / toofstupsNew Zealandinstagram / piaangelica69Argentinainstagram / dada144USAinstagram / riley915Germanyinstagram / encikmanjeRussiainstagram / lurovigattiBrazilinstagram / galhayuniIndiainstagram / fulviogusmanoNepalinstagram / gancarlitaBoliviainstagram / mikecarr17China

9 More Countries To Visit For The Liquor They Make

As if you ever needed a reason to ever go to these countries or to have a drink, but it is always nice to...

Top 10 Best Backpacker Bars in the World

                                                                   instagram / thebetaDrop in Club, Koh Phangan, Thailand                                                           instagram / hannahniere Angkor What?, Siem Reap, Cambodia                                                      instagram / sammie_whilesScubar, Sydney, Australia                                                                   instagram / jodubzThe...
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Travel guides

Hostel Cats part 1

instagram / jibbyheaps This is Oliver at Shelter City, Amsterdam, Holland instagram / coffsharbouryha instagram / coffsharbouryha Coffs Harbour YHA, Coffs Harbour, Australia instagram / digbybackpackersinn Digby Backpackers Inn, Nova...

9 American habits I gave up when I moved to Europe

Driving Now I live in a walkable city with great public transport and bike-paths. Wearing shoes in the house It still takes me a few days to...

Best 10 hangover cures for a backpacker or just about anybody

Drink Have sex Swim Visit a pet store to cuddle the puppies Eat Medicate Sleep Exercise Watch movies Call home
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