Midsommar Day in Passekudah Bay


The train goes early the next morning. By seven we are already in second class seating looking at the countryside rolling by. There is a really loud passenger talking about nothing so both me and my SO try and ignore him and read our books. Over the next six hours of a train ride we change trains once and I read an entire book. We arrive in Batticaloa to find our guest house’s owner waiting for us at the train station so we hop in his tuk tuk and go to his place. He seems to have a tuk tuk for his own use or the guest house and not as a taxi service really.

The beach is beautiful but looks dangerous for swimming so we just have a walk and then go back to look into some diving. Eventually we end up having drinks beside the lagoon and watch the sun go down. The dinner at the guest house was some of the best we had so far on the island. The owner’s wife makes such great curries we even right about them in the review we make of the place on tripadvisor.



Midsommar day we wake up and get an early start and take a bus about an hour north to Passekudah Bay and get a tuk tuk to take us to each of the four and five star resorts on the beach. Picking the one with the best prices and pool we settle into the lap of luxury. For only the cost of drinks and food we get to use the resort’s facilities all day. The place was totally empty of guest since it had only been open four months and the tourist had not started pouring in yet. We basically had an amazing resort to ourselves all day. We had cocktails brought to us in the pool and lounged around like rock stars do when they rent an entire resort. It was a great midsommar even if we didn’t have svensk nypotatis.


The Sri Lankan food at the resort was a good replacement. We take a tuk tuk back for the forty minute drive back since it was late and the buses all looked full. Dinner at our guest house was delicious just like the night before and we turn in early to get on a six a.m. bus to Aragum Bay.